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EFSG renews its confidence in its Chairman

EFSG renews its confidence in its Chairman

"During the last Board Management meeting, Mr. Guillaume Savornin was successfully re-elected as Chairman of EFSG for another 3-year term."

Guillaume actively contributes to the promotion of EFSG internationally and continues the modernisation of the association to face a fast-evolving market. Under Guillaume’s leadership the organisation will further expand its mutual recognition agreements.

Short description of EFSG, mission and values

EFSG establishes a common approach to conformity assessment in the form of mutual recognition agreements to support manufacturers that need to obtain multiple certification marks to gain access to European and worldwide markets.
Specialising in the fields of fire and security EFSG provides a network of highly experienced certifiers delivering quality certification services that focus on the needs of specifiers seeking reliable products and equipment manufacturers that must bring their products to market quickly. The certifier members of EFSG with their well-respected certification marks work together with the associated test laboratories to help their clients obtain multiple certification with minimal duplication and cost.