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Interview of Guillaume Savornin, chairman of EFSG

"Guillaume Savornin, as Chairman of the EFSG since 2020, provides us some details about the European Fire & Security Group (EFSG), which has been working for many years to develop a common technical approach to certification and conformity assessment at the European level."

1) Why an EFSG approach, and which players and sectors are involved?

The EFSG approach consists of developing and implementing test recognition agreements between the main laboratories and certifiers specialising in the fields of fire safety and security products, with the aim of reducing costs and facilitating the movement of products for manufacturers. The aim is to consistently control technical requirements and ensure a high level of confidence between the players.


2) What are the benefits for certified manufacturers, and for prescribers and users of certified products?

The EFSG approach is based on a high level of trust between the testing laboratories and certifiers in the network, all of which are accredited to ISO EN 17025. This trust is built up over time through working groups and the implementation of inter-comparison and witness testing. Manufacturers who benefit from recognition agreements can more easily distribute their products in several countries of the European Union, because they have easier access to national voluntary marks recognised and prescribed by public and private sectors. 

In addition, technical exchanges within the EFSG enable us to see how we can respond in the future to new technological developments and new risks, such as cyber security.  

3) Could you tell us a little more about the EFSG recognition process?

Manufacturers requiring multiple certification using the EFSG process must fill in an application form for their products and specify the recognition marks for which they wish to apply . A primary certification body is then appointed from among the EFSG members to manage the entire process. 

Currently the certification of inexcess of 300 fire safety and electronic and mechanical security products have benefited from the EFSG multiple certfication process.

4) You recently changed the EFSG’s visual identity and created a new website. Could you explain the content of the site and the purpose of this initiative?

The logo needed a makeover. The aim of the new visual identity is to modernise the EFSG’s image and to emphasise the group’s 3 values: Safe, Trusted and Reliable.

The globe icon within the new logo is a reminder of the international recognition of the certifications issued by EFSG members, as well as the importance of collaboration between us.

The website has been completely redesigned to reflect the dynamism of the EFSG and its new visual identity. It also highlights the benefits for our customers at the European level.

The aim is to make the EFSG more visible and closer to industry, of course, but also to prescribers that rely on quality certification.


Thank you, Mr Savornin.